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Spare Tips

Spare Tips

Version 2 of the legendary SilverBullet tool. Rapidly open and decode over 99% of disc-locks.

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Spare tips for your SilverBullet: All feelers and tensioners are now available for individual purchase.

70% discount for existing SilverBullet customers!
Please use the "SPARE-TIPS" discount code at checkout.

SilverBullet Spare Tips

Whether it's to replace a broken tip, or have a spare tip, all original SilverBullet Feeler and Tension tips are now available for individual purpose:

Tension Tips

  • Front Tension Tip ①
  • Rear Tension Tip ②
  • Rear Tension Tip ③
  • Rear Tension Tip ④

Feeler Tips

  • Front Feeler Tip ⑤
  • Rear Feeler Tip ⑥

Ordering is easy! Simply select the item you need from the dropdown above.

€105 Discount for existing customers!

For customers that already own a SilverBullet tool, spare tips are just €45!
Make sure you're logged in, and then use the discount code "SPARE-TIPS" during checkout.

If you need any assistance, please reach out to

Genuine Parts, SilverBullet Quality

Each SilverBullet tip is a genuine, original part, and is covered by the SilverBullet Lifetime Guarantee against manufacturing defects.