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The ultimate disk lockpicking tool

Brutally efficient against 97% of disc lock brands on the market.

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Simple Operation

Precise, efficient and reliable operation

Aerospace Quality

Swiss-machined SU-304 17-4 PH Stainless Steel

One tool to rule them all

Picks of 50 leading disc-lock brands

Lifetime Warranty

Quality backed for life against defects

Hands on with the Silver Bullet ↷

The Silver Bullet is a tool of reinforced precision. Built with aerospace-grade, precipitation hardened stainless-steel, it will last a lifetime

As soon as you insert it in a lock, you know that you will open it.

Engineered to open: efficient, precise and easily upgradable - but also designed to decode during and after picking.

Open Everything 🔓

The Silver Bullet is the go-to tool for professionals and law-enforcement world-wide - find out why.

Tested and trusted by people you trust

⏱️ Brutally efficient

The SilverBullet is modular and versatile, allowing efficent opening and decoding of:

  • Front-tensioned locks
  • Rear-tensioned locks
  • High-security random-position tensioned locks

The Silver Bullet can be quickly and easily setup to the configuration that meets your specific requirements and environment.

🔓 One tool to rule them all

One "Silver Bullet" tool that opens all disc-locks: you'd dreamed of it, Matt Smith aka "huxleypig" designed it, and now you can have it!

Open rapidly and decode easily thanks to the laser-etched scale system.

Modular and upgradable, the SilverBullet opens 97% of disc-locks on the market - additional tips can be added to accommodate specific lock systems.

💯Lifetime Guarantee

Quality tools are an investment, and investments should be protected: each Silver Bullet is backed by a lifetime manufacturing warranty.

We stand behind the quality of materials and manufacturing: should your tool ever appear to be defective, our fantastic customer support will replace the needed parts.


Silver Bullet


Silver Bullet
Silver Bullet Silver Bullet Silver Bullet Silver Bullet Silver Bullet

Complete SilverBullet Kit, including main body, exchangeable picking and tension tips housed in a professional case.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is it made for?

The Silver Bullet meets the needs of several applications.
It is designed as a brand-agnostic high-precision disc-lock picking and decoding tool.
Like any precision tool, is meant for dedicated and disciplined users.
Our client profile ranges from lockpicking hobbyists, professional locksmiths, and Law Enforcement / Government Units.

I tried it, and it doesn't work, why ?

Like every picking tool, it's not the tool that opens, it's the operator. The tool is just an extension of your hands, and you hands need practice.
Take some locks apart, use the known key to help you, ask your colleagues, follow some tutorials. You will be able to pick disc locks in a few days.

How do I use it ?

Similarly to SPP (Single Pin Picking), this tool is to be used as Single Disc Picking. It means that you need to apply some LIGHT tension first, to bind at least one disc, and find that disc by testing each individual disc until the binding disc is found. Turn then that disc until you feel a release in its binding. It means it's now in a gate, and it's time to move to another disc to find the next binding one.

Repeat until all binding discs have been turned to their gate, and the lock will open.

More secured locks, with anti-pick false gates, are more challenging as you will need to come back to previously picked discs in order to set them properly. Read more →

How to set it up?

You first need to determine if you want to tension from the front or the back. Most locks can be tensioned equally by both.
It's usually more comfortable, especially as a beginner, to use the front tensioner as it gives more stability to the tool.

When you train using this tool, first use locks with available keys, so you can see which tensioner fits the best.

Once the tensioner and the feeler in place, you want to align them together, and also align the decoding line of the internal body with the rightest decocing line of the external body. This will give you the best decoding capability. This setup might need some tuning depending on the actual lock you are picking. Read more →


Nicely designed, nicely manufactured, and last but not least, it opens nicely too. It's also pretty small, I carry it in my lockpicking EDC.

– David Talbot

Brilliant, needs some practice to master, but it's definitely the best disc tool I've known so far.

– Anton Bourgouin

As advertised. I have been able to open all the disc tumbler padlocks I had in my "to be picked" box.

– 'Tilly' Stevenson

As a locksmith, I rarely pick, and never disk detainer locks. But with the Silver Bullet, I've been able to service 2 clients in just one week.

– James Cayden

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