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SilverBullet 2

SilverBullet 2

Version 2 of the legendary SilverBullet tool. Rapidly open and decode over 99% of disc-locks.

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The Silver Bullet is the ultimate tool for rapid picking and decoding of > 99% of disc-retainer based locking systems, including Abloy, Abloy Classic, Abloy Disclock, Abloy Profile, Anchor Las and more.

It is a "must-have" for hobbyists and professionals alike. 

Each SilverBullet includes:
  • 🛡️ Lifetime Guarantee: Replacement of defective parts
  • 📦 Free world-wide shipping: Rapid and tracked

Product Introduction

It is a high quality, easily customisable precision tool engineered for rapid opening and accurate decoding of disc-retainer locks and padlocks.

Designed as a one-tool-fits-all or "Silver Bullet" against disc-based locks, it can open over 99% of current makes and models, including: 

  • Abloy Disclock
  • Abloy Classic
  • Abloy Profile (All Profiles)
  • Anchor Las
  • Abus Granit (all versions)
  • Abus Plus, Plus RK, X-Plus
  • IFAM
  • Master Lock (all versions)
  • Kryptonite (all versions)
  • All Chinese generic locks

For the full list, please click here → 

SilverBullet adapts to fit your needs

The tool has seven tension attachments:

  • Three rear tension tips: Universal, ABUS, Long
  • Two front tension tips: Universal, Mini
  • Two Abloy tension tips

Likewise, there are five picking tips:

  • Three universal picking tips: Front, Rear, Mini
  • Two Abloy picking tips: Abloy Classic, Abloy Profile

These tips allow for all configurations needed setup to pick the almost every disc-lock on the market.

The exernal body, with its 18° incremental markings, allow for the easy decoding of the lock combination.

The internal body has double graduated markings of 1.6mm and 2mm. These visual indicators provide depth indicator / disc locator for the vast majority of locks on the market.

SilverBullet is adaptable

The SilverBullet adapts to different situations, locks and picking preferences. Depending on the brand, profile and lock type, you can quickly switch out the tips to match.

Locks with lower-than-zero cuts at the front, or free-spinning front discs can be easily picked by using a rear-tension tool. Likewise, the tool can also be used totally in reverse, so that it becomes a front tensioning pick.

Features & Specifications

Dimensions 120 x 20 x 20 mm
Weight 100g
Storage Shock resistant hard case, laser-cut EVA foam interior
Feeler Tips (x5)
  • Front
  • Rear
  • Mini
  • Abloy
  • Abloy Classic
Tension Tips
  • Rear: Universal
  • Rear: ABUS
  • Rear: Long
  • Front: Universal
  • Front: Mini
  • Abloy Classic
  • Abloy Profile
Decoding / Placement
Decoding External Body, 18° engraved markings for decoding
Placement Internal Body, 1.6mm & 2.0mm laser-etched markings for placement guidance