SilverBullet introduction by FrenchKey_FR - SilverBullet Lockpicking academy

SilverBullet introduction by FrenchKey_FR - SilverBullet Lockpicking academy

Hi guys, today is a big day, we are happy to Welcome the world-famous lockpicking guru FrenchKey_fr who will launch the SilverBullet Lockpicking academy.

FrenchKey_fr produced a series of videos for SilverBullet and we are excited to partner with such a skilled gentleman.

We will release a video every Monday, so stay tuned :)

In this video, FrenchKey introduces our new Disc Tumbler Locks tool, the SilverBullet.
The Silver Bullet is the ultimate disc-lock picking tool, efficient against 97% of disc lock brands on the market.
The SilverBullet is designed by Matt Smith aka huxleypig.

Manufactured in highly precise process, this is the most versatile tool available to the public for picking disk locks, such as Abus, Master, Abloy, Ifam...

Featuring four tensioners and two feelers, you can adapt it to most rectangle shape keyway locks.

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